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  • Microsoft office 365 time tracking integration

    Microsoft Office 365

    Collaborate effortlessly

    Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of cloud-based productivity and collaboration applications that integrates all of Microsoft’s existing online applications to meet your organization’s needs for robust security, reliability, and user productivity.

  • Time and attendance software integrations

    Microsoft Office 365 + Jibble integration

    How it works

    Use Jibble to track when a calendar event kicks off and create calendar events directly from activities and projects in Jibble.

  • Timesheet and mobile

    Tracking hours

    Sync events for accurate time records

    Sync events in Microsoft Office with Jibble to start logging hours with a simple click. Easily monitor time spent on various events or meetings from your mobile, tablet, or desktop.

    Time clock app
  • Pie charts & bar charts to show tracked data

    Detailed analytics & feedback

    Powerful reports

    Drill down into detailed reports and visual charts to analyze time allocation and attendance trends, uncovering valuable insights into productivity patterns.

    Reporting and analytics
  • Export files in XLS or CSV

    Export reports in minutes

    XLS or CSV format

    Filter reports by date, members, groups, activities, or projects, and export reports in minutes, allowing you to seamlessly gather and present crucial data at a moment’s notice.

    Exporting timesheets
  • Get onboarded quickly

    Getting started is easy

    Integrate Jibble with Microsoft Office 365 in minutes

    1. Create an account with Jibble. It’s free forever for unlimited users.
    2. Go to Integrations in Jibble and click on Microsoft Office 365.
    3. Connect your Jibble account to your Microsoft account via Zapier to power your integration.
    4. Choose and sort triggers and actions between Jibble and Microsoft Office 365.
    5. That’s it!


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