Jibble is Free. No Nonsense.

No demos, trials or expiry dates. Jibble is free for an unlimited amount of users. Upgrade to the Power Plan to get the most out of it.

$0 per user

Jibble is always free without any expiry dates or trials. You can use all the standard power-ups. 

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited usage of all standard power-ups
  • Unlimited usage of all premium power-ups
  • Priority support
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$2* per user

With the Jibble Power Plan your team gets to use all standard and premium power-ups without any limitations.

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited usage of all standard power-ups
  • Unlimited usage of all premium power-ups
  • Priority support
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*Minimum of 5 users per month

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I exactly get in the Power plan?

The power plan will give you unlimited usage of all premium power ups (a cool word for add-ons/upgrades). At the moment premium power-ups consist of:

- Collaboration
- Policies
- Passcodes

We are continuously developing new power-ups and updating existing ones. Future ones include Geolocation, Time Off (Leave/Absence management), Tasks, Scheduling, ...

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your premium plan at any time by downgrading to the basic (free) plan. You will always have access to Jibble and the standard power-ups. We don’t provide refunds if you cancel during the monthly cycle.

Any cancellation is subject to one month notice it will be calculated from the next month onward. For example if you cancel your subscription on any given date in June, it will remain active for the remainder of the monthly billing cycle, in this case until the 30th of June.

What is priority support?

We provide email/in-app support to all users but we will always prioritize support for teams that have subscribed to paid plans.
For example, if we receive 10 support requests within the next hour, we will ensure that the support requests from the users on paid plans will be responded to first.

How do I pay for Jibble?

You can pay using a credit card or paypal. If you want to pay via bank you will need to subscribe to an annual plan with a minimum size of of 20 users. Please contact help@jibble.io for this option.

What is a monthly active user?

A Monthly Active User (MAU) is a user that is registered as active in a specific month. Active users are those who:
- Jibble in/out
- Log in to the web app
- Use of any Jibble Bot or API functions

Is my credit card secure?

They are safe. We don’t collect credit card details but use a trusted 3rd party call Braintree Payments (a PayPal owned company).  Your credit card details will be held by them in their secure digital vault.

Can you provide our team with discounts on the paid plans?

We believe Jibble is priced very competitively. Whilst that may be the case, we realise organisations are not equal. We do agree that non-profits, educational institutions, very new startups and those that use Jibble with only part-time workers should receive custom or discounted plans.  Please write to us at help@jibble.io detailing your organisation's needs

Will the price always be so low per user?

Not a straight answer! Yes and No. 
Yes because if you signup as a customer for one of our paid plans we won't increase the price for you later. Your price will be fixed to the amount you agreed to pay when you first signed up. So if you pay $2 per user now, you will pay $2 per user in 3 years time as long as you stay signed up and don't discontinue the service.
The answer is No to customers who haven't signed up because we plan on increasing the price per user in the near future as we continue to add more value for our users.

Want to know more about pricing? Just ask us!
"We searched... but nothing was as clean, simple and dynamic as Jibble. It does exactly what we needed - along with the integration with Slack... Outstanding product!"
Kori Ashton - Webtegrity.com
"Jibble is brilliant - it's EASY for my team members to quickly start and stop the clock, yet the quality of data I get out of it is immense.. Thanks for providing this system."
Matt Ainge - Cardinal Newman Science College
"This is the BEST time tracker for Slack I have used as yet - my search for a time tracker has ended."
Tori Evans - Toriadesigns