Work schedules

Every team is different. Boost timesheets with fixed or flexible overtime, break, and deduction configurations that work for your team's schedule.

  • Take attendance to the next level

    Reminders tailored to your work schedule

    Make sure your team members clock in to their shift on time.

  • Get a grip on overtime

    Use one of the many different overtime settings for honest and accurate overtime payments.

  • At ease with breaks

    Get rid of unnecessary slack. Decide how long breaks should be or add specific break timeslots with reminders.

  • Straight into your timesheets

    Honest payroll for everyone

    Jibble’s timesheets are automated with transparency and accuracy. Team members and managers can review their hours anytime.

  • Get notified when things go wrong

    Don't be the last to know

    Keep an eye open for no-shows, overtime work, or when members forget to clock out with realtime notifications.

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