Time tracking for teachers and students

Track time smarter with Jibble, and allow your students and staff to focus on what’s really important.

Don’t just take our word for it

  • Web, Mobile and Kiosk

    Track attendance, anywhere

    Teaching staff or students can track time with their mobile phone with GPS, use a shared time clock, or punch in from their computer.

    Alternatively bots can be used for clocking in clocking out – for example time tracking on Slack with quick shortcuts.

  • Automated Timesheets

    Time & payroll management for your school

    Automated timesheets will help keep track of your students and staff, and help them to evaluate their productivity.

  • GPS Time tracking

    A virtual fence for your work locations

    Verify attendance data with real-time location tracking and automatic facial recognition. Give parents access to selfies for extra piece of mind.