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  • Time management for businesses is critical

    Because time is money

    Businesses measure time in order for payroll, project costing and billing.

  • Time management can no longer be done manually

    Excel or paper records no longer cut the mustard

    Time management software tracks and optimizes the hours that employees spend on the job and keep records of wages and salaries paid. Without it, you’re making payroll mistakes and wasting 5-10% of your payroll costs processing payroll.

  • Which is where Jibble's time management software comes in

    Fully automated to make your life that much easier

    Jibble is the complete time management solution every business needs. Every aspect of time management is addressed. Breaks, whether paid or unpaid, activity tracking, timecard calculations, to lateness analytics.

  • Time management software ready for payroll

    Timecard calculations and work hours

    Jibble calculate work and overtime hours. Timesheets are downloadable to Excel or CSV which you can export to your payroll software.

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  • Approval workflows

    So managers can approve timesheets

    Jibble makes time management flow easily through any organisation. Managers approve their staff timesheets after every pay period, making payroll a breeze, whatever size your organization.

  • Analytics and Reports

    Powerful insights at your fingertips

    Detailed reporting and analytics to help you manage payroll, employee productivity, or budget costs. Time management software with endless possibilities.

  • Track time on any device

    Mobile, web, tablet, MS Teams or Slack

    Time management software that gets time captured conveniently and accurately, making data more reliable. And stay on top of things from your mobile.

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  • ... and only on the devices you allow

    With offline attendance when there's no internet connection

    Whether your staff are on their laptops or desktops, or mobiles, Jibble makes it seamless to manage time. Time management software your business needs.

  • Manage staff time off

    Through Jibble's leave management

    With unpaid and paid leave, managing time off becomes easy. And, further, leave is tied in with timesheets and so goes straight into payroll.

  • Powerful grouping feature

    For growing organisation and enterprises

    Jibble’s flexible grouping allows you to assign different employees to different groups, each with different authorisation levels and restrictions. Jibble’s time management software is built with enterprises in mind, so you never have to worry about growing out of Jibble.

  • Time management with activities, projects, and clients

    ...and much more

    Split time tracked by activities, projects, or clients to understand what the team is working on and to know where costs are going. Stay in control through extensive management features.

  • Set your own pay periods

    with approval workflow

    By setting up a pay period based on your pay cycle, pay period timesheets will be created which will flow through into both approvals and payroll.

  • The complete time management software

    Jibble can power your organisation

    From time and activity tracking to attendance to lateness analytics, Jibble can power your business.