Time & Attendance Tracking For Hotels

Manage your hotel staff time & attendance with Jibble

Core Features

In a hectic industry such as hospitality, hours can't go lost. Jibble helps you track your teams' hours and attendance in an online system. You will have 24/7 access to reports and statistics too.

Simple Attendance Management With Your iPad

Setup a biometric attendance tracker by installing the Jibble Kiosk App. Use selfies & passcodes to verify your staff.

Payrolling Made Easy

Jibble generates automated timesheets and daily, weekly, or monthly reports. Great for your payroll.

Measure Productivity

Besides timesheets and reports, you will have direct insight into individual statistics. Metrics such as average shift start/end, hours weekly/monthly hourse worked can be good input for your performance reviews.

I recommend Jibble to be used by any organization. Simple and customizable! It provides a good basis for analysis to improve productivity and accountability."
Zaki Tajuddin - Director, Valoraz
"It was tough to monitor team attendance prior to Jibble, but once we got started it was so much easier. Geolocation and customisable activities allowed me to set Jibble up for my team exactly the way I wanted it to be!"
Janelle Raymundo - Admin, Kahon Storage

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