Policies Power-up

An iPhone with a Jibble Selfie

Configure Jibble just they way it suits your business. Have employees clock in using specific devices or channels

How it works

The Policies power-up allows you to configure the way how your team uses Jibble.

  1. Activate the Policies power-up

  2. Configure your policies

  3. Use Jibble the way you want

The Jibble Policies banner

Set Channels

Configure the channel through which your employees can Jibble. You can enforce or prevent your team from using the Web Browser, Slack or their Mobile Phone (Android / iPhone).

An iPad and Macbook with Jibble

Who sees what?

Set what your employees can see. Configure if they have access to all timesheets and action logs, or only their own.

A screenshot of team daily timesheets

Selfies and Activities

Enforce users to Jibble in on Activities and/or with a Selfie.

A girl using Jibble iPad in 3 ways

Power-up Jibble

Each organisation is different. Power-up Jibble to suit your needs with standard and premium power-ups. We are developing more all the time.

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