Passcodes Power-Up

Add the Passcodes power-up to your Jibble Kiosk. Improve the security & accuracy of your attendance tracking.

Passcode on an iPad

How it works

With the Passcode power-up, every team member will have their own unique PIN number with which they will Jibble in/out into the iPad Kiosk

  1. Activate the Passcode power-up

  2. Setup educate your team about their new pincode

  3. Clock in error free

Two iPads with Passcodes

Reduce errors

A combination of the Jibble iPad Kiosk in Selfie mode and the Passcode power-up minimizes the possiblity of false Jibbles or "buddy punching". Create an error-free audit trail today!

Jibble on an Ipad and a Macbook

Power-up Jibble

Each organisation is different. Power-up Jibble to suit your needs with standard and premium power-ups. We are developing more all the time.

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