Mobile+ Power-Up

Get the most of your Attendance Machine by upgrading your Jibble Kiosk with the Mobile+ Power-Up. Improve security and use Jibble in offline mode too.

Passcode on an iPad

Passcodes for added security

With the Mobile+ power-up, every team member can have their own unique PIN number with which they will Jibble in/out into the Jibble Kiosk
Reduce errors and time theft from "buddy punching" and create an error-free audit trail

Two iPads with Passcodes

Offline Mode

No matter where you are, always keep using Jibble, regardless of an active internet connection or not.

The Jibble Kiosk in Offline Mode is ideal for staff in remote areas (such as construction workers, or sales men) that don't always have access to Wifi.

Jibble on an Ipad and a Macbook


Especially if you have an attendance management kiosk in a public space, you might want this to be only accessible to your staff.

A security enabled screensaver, with a passcode, will prevent anyone from seeing / accessing your data.

Power-up Jibble

Each organisation is different so power-up Jibble to suit your needs and set it up just the way you want. We are developing more features all the time.

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