Attendance Tracking With An iPad Kiosk

Track your team's onsite time and attendance for payroll

Track Time & Attendance At Any Physical Location

An Internet connected iPad Kiosk is a great solution for tracking attendance at your physical location. All you need is an iPad and the Jibble iOS app.

1. Setup the Kiosk
iPad mini's are great for these. Use dedicated enclosures to safely set them up.
2. Setup the Jibble app
Setup Jibble in Guided Access to make sure the Jibble app gets the only attention from the iPad
3. Track attendance!
That's it. Your users can simply Jibble In & Out when they are on site and get live notification with all entries saved in the cloud

Who's On Site?

With the iPad kiosk you can see who is on site at any time.

Jibble generates an accurate, error-free audit trail based on biometric data. Automated time sheets allow you to generate payroll easily

Half Screen with Jibble for iPad

Time Entries With Biometric Data

Prevent false Jibbles or "buddy punches" by using selfies as a verification method.

You can also enable Passcodes with the new power-up

An iPad with A Big Selfie

Onboard Your Team Easily And Get Jibbling

3 iPads with Jibble

Track Time, Attendance and Productivity Today